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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 1, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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and the devastation in the morning light, a mess for thousands to clean up across tornado alley. i'm jay gray. we'll have a live report from illinois. >> new this morning, students at uc berkeley pull out the crime scene tape to make the point about the cost of higher education. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you about this new day of action coming up. >> also, you'll have to carry more cash for your next cal train ticket. and winter weather whiplash. cold drizzle today could give way to sunshine tomorrow. the news at 11:00 starts now.
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good morning, everyone. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. this morning we're on weather watch as bay area temperatures are poised to swing 20 degrees in days. we'll have the forecast and snow report in just moments. but this morning we begin in harrisburg illinois where neighborhoods are levelled and people are pick up after powerful tornadoes. nbc bay area's jay gray joins us live with a look at the severe weather that's taken a deadly toll. good morning, jay. >> good morning, marla. and this is the kind of devastation that so many are dealing with across five states right now as they mourn who and what they've lost and try to figure out now how they can begin the move forward. >> it's the day after and the devastation, the loss, the sheer magnitude of the storm is still
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so hard to comprehend. >> our neighbors have had homes flattened and an entire large business in this community has destroyed and flattened. there are toys everywhere and stuff embedded in trees. >> a scene of destruction that thousands are working through across five states today. front loaders push and pile the mangled debris, but they can do nothing to sweep away the fear and pain that lingers for so many. i'm nervous. i'm shaky. i'm tired. i don't even have words for anything that you feel. how do you explain hundreds of homes and businesses gone? at least a dozen lives lost. six, in the small town of harrisburg, illinois. >> we haven't had fatal tornadoes since 2004 and that's why today say sad day. people who were here 24 hours ago and today. >> while survivors worked through the hell of 180 mile an
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hour winds left behind. >> in places like branson, missouri, the damage is just as widespread. >> we've had some significant damage. we've seen wires that are mangled and poles that have been snapped up. >> reporter: in thissier, many are are promising the show will go on. >> it will be tough. it will be tough on branson and knowing the spirit of branson they're going rebuild. >> in harrisburg, stunned residents are trying to look forward, as well. >> my husband looked at me and said, well, i'm going ask you this question. do you want to build it back? >> i said sure. we've been here since 1972. who knows? we're not going anywhere. even though so much here is gone forever. >> and as they continue the cleanup they must also deal with toward's forecast. there is a big concern, a very real concern that more and most powerful storms could be here as
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latest as tomorrow. i'm jay gray, nbc bay area news. back here in california, the sierra is seeing plenty of power this morning. brian hickey joins us now from sugar bowl. >> 52 inches of snow what they're reporting this morning and it continues to snow in the sierra, with the ultralight and very deep powder and more than four feet of snow since the storm started a couple of days ago and with the forecast calling for snow for the remainder of the day it keeps adding up, making this the largest storm of the season so far and we had to wait until march to get it. not only that, look what we've got. light, dry, champagne powder, perfect going into the weekend with the forecast now calling for sunshine. imagine, white and dry powder. sunshine on the mountain. this is the kind of weather that the resorts have been waiting for all season after what has been a lackluster, and they will
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tell you, very slow season. it appears we finally got what we've all been waiting for and there are a lot of good deals out there because a lot of resorts are starting to get pretty worried that we'll never see this, trying to entice people to come up here. >> we finally have the snow to go with it. >> i'm brian hickey. >> it looks kind of fun out there. >> the snow there means rain here. let's check it now with meteorologist christina loren. good morning, guys. >> we've still got rain on our radar. those showers will also race off to the sierra nevada and possibly produce another foot of snow over sugar bowl. 6,000 feet, that's where the snow level has been the heaviest so far. we picked up so much snow, you just saw all of that fresh powder. we still hav showers moving through the bay area and they're mostly in the south bay. san jose getting light to moderate showers and fremont, get red for another batch of rain slated to hit your are h i
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the next 15 minutes. as we continue throughout the day the showers will clear and we're going see the sun come out. temperatures will stay on the cool side, but the big story is the warm-up that we're looking at between now and sunday. temperatures will climb by 10 degrees tomorrow and we'll tack on an additional five degrees for saturday and weir talking mid-70s even at the coast on sunday so i'll take you through the forecast and i'll have another shot of rain in the seven day as well. we have that coming up and i'll send it back to you. >> christina, thanks. a developing story at sfo. in just minutes, passengers on a flight from denver will finally land after being delayed for hours by a bomb scare. these were pictures taken at denver international airport. someone phoned in a a bomb thre about 7:30 a.m. local time just as passengers were about to board their united airlines flight. the plane was towed to a remote area and searched while passengers and their bags were re-screened.
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nothing, in the end, was found. the passengers were put on another plane that was due to land in sfo in about 15 minutes. also this morning, a day of action in the long list of campuses all across california. one of the biggest right here in the bay area. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us live at uc berkeley where students and faculty are taking decision makers to task for rising tuition costs. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. their big rally is supposed to start in an hour here at uc berkeley, but boy, they really picked aing so day for a protest. despite the raindrops and the cold, and the group of protesters are on campus and they surrounded one of the buildings with crime scene tape with many administrators and those who make financial decisions come and go, but they didn't block people who wanted to pass. this is a strike, a day of action over tuition hikes and what they see is budget cuts,
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public education that make it an affordable and leave students saddled with mountains of debt. one parent says he's upset because the university is giving so many spots to out of state students who pay more who is edging out local students. >> a thousand per year have been lost to out of state students, and i'm not opposed to people coming from out of states and overseas. but you can't be reducing the number of seats on campuses. >> this is the richest country in the world. the money is there for students. the money is there to get our demands met. we have to fight for it. we've gotten our demands met and we're building the movement again. >> some students set up some art work. these action are going on at colleges across the state any after the noon rally at berkeley, what they're telling me is they're going to get together and march to downtown
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oakland to meet with students preparing for their big march to the state capital on monday. some will walk. some will ride. what they're doing is they want the governor to restore funding to public education, but i'll tell you, they say they're going to be going despite the rain and it is awfully wet out here. that's the latest from here, reporting live at uc berkeley, i'm christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> uc berkeley is not the only campus taking action this morning. >> students at san jose state, for instance. one of many staging walkouts. they're planning a silent march and then gathering in front of tower hall for some speeches. protesters say they're standing up for their right for. >> they're over a 9% tuition hike that takes effect next fall. rallies are being held including cal-state east bay.
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san francisco state and csu monterrey bay. >> there will be no court proceedings in the am doestic abuse case. today lawyers on both sides sifting through 100 questionnaires filled out by prospective jurors today. tomorrow the judge will hold a private hearing to see if mirkarimi's ex-girlfriend can testify as a witness. christina flores filed a police report last month saying he abused her during their relationship several years ago. no charges have been filed in that incident. mirkarimi right now accused of bruising his wife's arm right in front of their son on new year's day. >> your ticket to ride cal tran could cost more. the peninsula board's powers board can increase one-way cash fares by 25 cents. round-trip tickets would go up 50 cents, but people who buy eight ride tickets would get a discount. the increase is aimed at getting more people to switch to the clipper card system which keeps
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fares at their current rates. >> some big time changes at has unified everything it knows about you in the one giant data pool. scott mcgrew says that has people worried in europe absolutely beside itself. >> indeed it does. >> good morning, europe this morning declared the whole thing illegal, in fact. here we're sure washington will forced to work with the ftc as part of the lawsuit settlement. what does this mean to you? google will take what it knows about you and its searches and combine that with other properes and youtube, gmail and picasa and google plus so it can better understand who you are and how it can advertise to you. google's been warning about this for months now. you may notice if you search for the grateful dead the next time you're on the web. when you log on to you tube it will have suggested features featuring the grateful dead and an advertisement for tie-dye.
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>> we have the jobs data and the lowest number of people showing up to the unemployment office in four years. norlly the labor department would announce jobs tomorrow and because of a fluke in the calendar it will come next friday. meanwhile, we expect yelp to have its ipo tomorrow as well. it should be pricing its shares later this afternoon. they could call the whole thing off, marl abu we don't expect ed them to. >> we'll have to wait and see. thank you, scott. >> coming up, he strikes them out on the baseball diamond and now he's using that pitching arm to throw a different kind of strike. brian emwilson's new business venture just ahead. martians, aliens, e.t. they could all be calling us, but what if no one's listening? now you can help all from the comfort of your home computer. i'm bob redell you to the institute you to the institute here in mountain view coming up in a live report.
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welcome back, everyone. this one's been a long time coming, but if and when e.t. ever decides to phone home, scientists are hoping you might be listening in. nbc bay area's earthling bob redell is live at the city institute in mountainview to tell us how we can assist in the search for extraterrestrial life. what's happening out there? >> good morning to you, john. >> if e.t. is out there trying to reach us, the study at mountain view don't want us to miss that call just because there weren't enough of us paying attention. that's why you need our help. and what they'd like you to do is to register, logon and help them analyze the radio signals that are coming in on the telescope array which is located a few hundred miles north of here. this is what a radio signal looks like. surprisingly, this is very difficult for a computer to analyze and detect a pattern, but to us, the human eye, you can look at this and see that they're the white squiggly lines
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among all the static. >> if enough people say hey, you know, that has the characteristics that guys are looking for. then, in fact, the telescope will be directed to go back and follow that signal and not give up on it until we establish either it's just some telecommunications satellite and not so interesting or it's the biggest story of the millennium because it's e.t. >> when it comes to scanning the sky in the search for e.t., people here say we've only scratched the surface. imagine that you would go to africa, and you scour an acre and you don't find an elephant. imagine if you gave up, went home and said that elephants didn't exist? reporting live in mountain view, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> we have dumbos, maybe we do have e.t.s. >> very nice. i like that. >> here on earth, we have a wild weather swing to tell you about. >> as opposed to weather on saturn. >> i guess so. >> the weather here has
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temperatures expected to climb after days of rain and wind and this is exactly what we're talking about. choppy waters out in pacifica this morning as waves crash right into the shore. nbc bay area meteorologist christina lor ebb. will this end up dying down? it will. >> the winds are still pretty gusty right now, and as we transition into the next three hours in particular, the whole situation greatly improves as this front finally exits the bay area. now the fog is starting to settle in as high pressure compresses the moisture that we did pick up. so let's get right to the radar because some cities are still getting a little bit of rain at that point. most of the activity is down in the south bay. >> san jose is getting light to moderate rain and that will continue to be the case. the overall trend is clearing, and by this time tomorrow we'll be able to take a look at those snow-capped peaks. even mount hamilton picked up about two inches of snow.
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so we needed the reason. we picked up over three-quarters of an inch in north bay cities today. as we head throughout tonight we'll have the full-on totals with chief meteorologist at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. >> as we head into the next ten minutes it will probably rain in your neck of the woods for another 30 minutes and that system will continue to push south. it's cold out there. 53 degrees in sunny valley and 50 in san jose. your future cast tells the story. by 3:00 p.m. getting a nice, dry break which is great news for the evening commute. as we head into the next 48 hour, the warm-up is on high pressure right now and it is moving in as we speak and it will continue to push over our area as we head into the next 48 hours. warming us up by 10 degrees for today's highs and the cold air will take a little while. friday we're talking temperatures in the mid to upper 60s and saturday and sunday, we'll have your temperatures
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today and add 20. you can hit the beach comfortably. inland, up to 75 degrees sunday. monday and tuesday, another round of rain and a little system tries to move through the bay area and we'll see the tail end sneak through. maybe a tenth of an inch of rain and this is a warm system that came through. no major snow levels and drying warm on wednesday. back to you guys. >> from fear the beard to now channeling the big len you on ski. >> he's got game beyond the ballpark. >> the new passion? bowling. >> that's right. >> he's now part owner of the lucky strike bowling alley across from at&t park. it is official announcement in pure wilson form and he quoted the dude from the big lebowski so we had to show it. >> take it easy, dude. >> i know that you will. >> yeah, well. >> he absolutely does and so does wilson along with the
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40-foot bar and the feature to keep the legacy rolling. they're renaming lane number 12 calling it lane 38. you know why? >> yes, we do. >> wilson's jersey number. >> number 38. okay. they say to the victor goes the spoils and after grabbing the checkered flag at the daytona 500, matt kenseth taking a very cold victory lap in the bay area. monday he won nascar's biggest event and right now in san francisco, kenseth in the driver's seat of a motorized vintage cable car. the daytona champion taking in the sights across the golden gate bridge, of course. he's being treated to hot spots to fisherman's whatever before making his pit stop to girl ardly square for some chocolate. >> you win the big one, you get as much chocolate as you want. >> how google street view cameras are inentiring a new exhibit. have you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now,
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welcome back. his opinions and blogs will be missed by many. conservative media publisher and commentator andrew breitbart died this morning in l.a. the activist passed away from natural causes. breitbart was behind the shirley share as scandal and the resignation to anthony weiner. he is survived by his wife and four children. >> in chardon, ohio, emotional parents and students walked in unity to the high school where five students were shot monday. it left three students dead. the school reopened with grief counselors on hand, but classes officially resume tomorrow.
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prosecutors must file charges against alleged gunman 17-year-old t.j. lane by day's end. >> the passengers and crew of the powerless costa allegra finally back on solid ground. the cruise liner reaching port in the seychelles. more than 1,000 people were onboard stuck without food, water and working toilets out in the tropical heat. >> not having enough food, not being able to rest well at night. the heat is unbearable, so we had to spend most of our night on the top deck of the ship. >> that is no vacation. the passengers being offered a full refund, of course. >> the allegra is the sister ship of the now infamous costa concordia which ran aground off the coast of italy in january. rough time for that company. google joining the surreal art moveme movement, the unique and sometimes bizarrema
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call or click today. >> welcome back. just before 11:27. dark clouds lingering over the bay area and that front is pulling out. 55 degrees today and 75 degrees by sunday. back to you guys. >> thank you very much, christina. finishing up this morning we're getting a look at what some might call accidental art. >> who knew google's street view images could be so surreal. the artist has been sifting through countless images captured by google roming cameras. >> from the gritty horse on a urban street in brazil. eating garbage? >> to this alien sitting on ocean front walk in los angeles or a runaway horse in the united kingdom and a lonely trojan soldier in rome. you can see more of the photos on his website john
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>> there we go. >> we're sticking with the alien team today. >> j.t., e.t.'s cousin. >> tie dyed t-shirt. >> thanks so much for being with us. join us at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. [ male announcer ] for some reason those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican.
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